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See attached document for assignment criteria and expectations.Cite all your sources using APA style.

Term Project
Managing in a Global Environment
Section Two; Socio-cultural Analysis:
Your organization has reviewed your country study and has decided to go with
your recommendation for their initial international expansion. A complete a sociocultural analysis needs to be completed to determine the entry strategy, financing,
human resource needs, suppliers, marketing, pricing and distribution, and
organizational structure.
Assignment Criteria:
Write a report (2 – 4 pages, font 12) outlining the socio-cultural factors and discuss
any cross-cultural issues that will need to be considered, addressed and understood
into for a successful international expansion. You need to use at least three outside
sources (not include the text book) to complete this assignment. PLEASE
remember to cite all your sources; proper citation of your sources is a requirement
for this course.
Please support all recommendations with sound reasoning and research.
Your report needs to include but not limited to:
• Demographic Trends
o Population growth
o Age structure & median age
o Life expectancy
o Literacy
• Cultural Analysis
o Language
o Customs and Norms
o Traditions
• Social Institutions
o Where does the country lie within Hofstede’s dimensions
o Family structure
o Religious structure
o Labor organizations
• Informal Trade Barriers
o Barriers that are created by social and cultural factors
o Communication styles
o Negotiating tactics
o Marketing concerns
o Ethical concerns
▪ Employment practices
▪ Human rights
▪ Business practices

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