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The purpose of statistical inference is to provide information about the
population based upon information contained in the sample
The probability distribution of the sample mean is called the
Sampling distribution of the mean
A subset of a population selected to represent the population is
A sample
In computing the standard error of the mean, the finite population correction factor is used when
n/N > 0.05
The time it takes a mechanic to change the oil in a car is exponentially distributed with a mean of 5 minutes. What is the probability that it will take a mechanic less than 6 minutes to change the oil?  Use Excel and round your answer to four decimal places
The probability distribution of the sample mean is called
thesampling distribution of the mean
Whenever the population has a normal probability distribution, the sampling distribution of x is a normal probability distribution for
Any sample size
A population characteristic, such as a population mean, is called
A parameter
As the sample size increases, the
Standard error of the mean decreases
A simple random sample of 6 computer programmers in Houston, Texas revealed the gender of the programmers and the following information about their weekly incomes.
ProgrammerWeekly IncomeGenderA$250MB270MC285FD240ME255MF290FDetermine a point estimate of the proportion of all the programmers in Houston who are female. Round your answer to three decimal places..
A simple random sample of 100 observations was taken from a very large population. The sample mean is 80 and the population standard deviation is 12. The standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the sample means is

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