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Get Research Paper Help-Formal Writing Assignment 3 Research Paper on Aging Topics
Formal Writing Assignment 3: Research Paper – Relevant Topics in Aging (25% of final grade)
Topics to consider for the assignment:
• Alcoholism
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Caregiver Support
• Cultural Competency
• Elder Abuse
• Elders in Prison
• Health Disparities
• Hospice
• LGBT Seniors
• Longevity (Blue Zones)
• Medicare Reform
• Nursing Home Options
• Retirement
• Right to Die (Assisted Suicide)
• Social Isolation
• Social Security Reform
• The Older Americans Act
Your paper will require research with the use of six (6) articles to be cited in APA format-three (3) of these articles should support your topic and three (3) articles that disagree with the topic.
In a six (6)-page paper summarize your findings. Include the following areas:
1. Public Health importance
2. Analysis of Social Epidemiology
3. Analysis of Current Strategies
4. Recommendations-Discuss what types of strategies can best address the issue
Include title and reference pages using APA format. The total number of pages will be eight (8) – Title page (page 1), six-page research paper (pages 2-7), and reference page (page 8).
Papers will be graded on the following rubric:
• Ability to synthesize information correctly and effectively with ability to use context-appropriate vocabulary and communications technology
• Ability to distinguishes factual information from subjective opinion, considers informational origin I analyzing relevance in order to represent content in a clear, succinct and logical manner
• Ability to make meaningful interdisciplinary connections, recognizing that the subject area knowledge may go beyond a particular course
• Ability to organize, analyze, evaluate, and treat information critically in order to use and present it in a cohesive and logical fashion
• Ability to present scientific evidence coherently
• Ability to Format the text using the APA style
• Ability to paraphrase and synthesize the text using own words
• Ability to choose and cite references appropriately
Students should make use of the Hostos Library and OneSearch Database to find articles for the assignment and request assistance with use of APA citations and references.
Hostos Community College Library

Formal written assignments must utilize the American Psychological Association (APA) format for style, citations and references. Information on APA style is available at the Purdue OWL Writing Lab: https://allaplusessays.com/order
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