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ENGR 320
Due On 4/15/2019
Grading criterial: For each problem I will grade based on the following items: (1) Problems solving
process (70%); (2) Dimensions and Units (10%); (3) Calculation errors (10%) and (4) Neatness (10%)
Q1. The pumping rate of crude oil through the Alaska Pipeline, with an ID of 48 in, is 110,000 barrels per
day (1 barrel is 42 U. S. gallons). (a) Is this a turbulent flow? (b) What would be the maximum rate if the
flow were constrained to be laminar? Assume that viscosity of oil is 4×10-3 N-S/m2
Q2. An oil (SG  0.9) issues from the pipe at Q  35 ft3/h. What is the kinematic
viscosity of the oil in ft3/s? Is the flow laminar?
Q3. The tank-pipe system is to deliver at least 11 m3/h of water at
20C to the reservoir. What is the maximum roughness height 
allowable for the pipe? Assume that viscosity of water is 1×10-3 N-S/m2
Q4. The reservoirs in the figure contain water at 20C. If the
pipe is smooth with L  4500 m and d  4 cm, what will the flow
rate in m3/h be for z  100 m?
Q5. The system consists of 1800 m of 5 cm cast-iron pipe,
two 45 and four 90 flanged long-radius elbows, a
fully open flanged globe valve, and a sharp exit into a
reservoir. If the elevation at point 1 is 400 m, what
gage pressure is required at point 1 to deliver 0.01
m3/s of water at 20C into the reservoir?

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