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Discussion Question: Working with Multicultural Clients



As a potential professional in the field of psychology, you bring many of the concepts learned in this course into clearer focus. This assignment helps you clarify your own multicultural views as they relate to working as a counselor with multicultural clients.

Address the following issues, and be sure to respond to you peers in an inclusive, sensitive and respectful manner:

Explore the relationship between appreciating diversity among racial, ethnic, and other minority groups and being an effective counselor. Substantiate your answer using examples.

What types of racial, ethnic, and other minority groups do you think you would work particularly well with? Explain why.

What types of racial, ethnic, and other minority groups do you think you would have difficulty working with? Explain why.

What steps would you like to take in the near future to improve your sensitivity to diverse clients and become an effective counselor?






Please do not use Wikipedia.


NEED 3 References 800 words


Must use as one of references:  



The Convergence of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender


Tracy Lynn Robinson-Wood



Copyright Date:



SAGE Publications, Incorporated



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