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5 pages in all:

1 stpage should have the title of your paper (give it a catchy title that includes the subject being discussed).

You need at least 4 typed pages, double-spaced about your topic.  

You also need at least 3 references on a separate bibliography page at the back of the paper (the 5 thpage) References can be library and internet sources. 

 ## For full points you need to follow the format guidelines (here’s recap):

A CATCHY TITLE with subject included on the 1 stpage where you start discussing your topic (no title page needed) This is important – please make it unique not just “GMOs” or “Cloning” etc.

4 Pages, double-spaced – points will be deducted if it is shorter than this

Bibliography (3 references) on the 5 thpage



Research Paper Topic :

Discuss the applications of new and/or emerging technologies relating to human biology and their impact upon individuals, human society and/or the environment.


Examples of relatively new technology that you might consider for your papers :

Genetically Modified Foods from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Stem Cell Research (be sure to explain the difference between embryonic vs adult stem cell use)

Fracking (this is an environmental issue as well as affecting humans so be sure to explain all aspects)

Cloning – this was developed a while ago but what is new about this technology? What is it being used for? What are future implications? Regulations? Etc.

Human Genome Project – we can now map our entire DNA – what are the implications? What is it being used for? How would this affect people if insurance companies got a hold of your info? Would you want to know if you had disorders? Etc.

Genetically modified bacteria for different uses like breaking down waste.

Biopesticides - using different organisms to control other organisms – beneficial vs adverse affects..

New Drugs / Treatments for different diseases or disorders like HIV/AIDs, brain cancer, Parkinson’s etc.

Choose something that interests you as long as you can relate it to some of the issues discussed below.


Things to include in your papers (this is a guideline – not all of this will be relevant for all of your papers but hopefully you can work in most of these topics)

Be specific when explaining the new technologies – discuss scientific method, hypothesis and experimentation that led to the new technology if possible.  Remember that other students will be reading these papers so give them a general background about your topic since they may have not done any research on this topic and need to understand it.


Explain how the new technology might benefit individuals vs. what adverse affects might be involved (the pros and cons of the new technology).


Discuss whether there are any ethical or social justice issues related to the new technology (are there two different sides arguing for and against this technology and why?)


Provide specific examples that illustrate what the technology is being used for, how the public is reacting to the technology and ways that it is working or not working. You should do a current events search for specific news articles that relate to your topic – you can include actual medical cases discussed, court cases dealing with the issue, protest events, political debates, medical breakthroughs etc.


What are some future implications for the new technology – what does the research imply versus what do YOU think might happen if we continue to use it or discontinue using it.  What kind of regulations are being placed on the technology, are their arguments for more or less regulation and why?


How is society being educated about this technology? Is there a discrepancy in who is benefitting or being harmed by this new technology? Is it based on geography, racial, cultural, religious or socioeconomic divisions?


Does this new technology affect your own life now? Do you think it might in the future? How?

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