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Your employer, Transnational Electronics (TE), is having trouble hiring a Training and Development Specialist for the Mexico City office. You have been charged with preparing a Job Analysis to help in identifying the best candidates for this job.

Please discuss two of the six types of information ( see page 97 The Basics of Job Analysis – attached!) needed to create a job analysis and provide some detail as to how the two would apply to a Training and Development Specialist.


Your own post:

  • 250 words
  • Meaningful, applicable content
  • minimum one source

Peer responses:

  • 2 responses – 150 words each – one source each
  • You will respond to the posting of two of your peers with your personal observation or suggestions for improvement. Please address the student you reply to by name to help with the flow of the conversation

Sources (3 points):

  • Each posting, your own as well as responses to other students’ postings, must include a minimum of one reference. Any post that does not include a reference will not receive credit.


respond to the peer discussion below with 150 words each:

1. One of the job analysis information that human resource collect is human requirements. The information looks at the quality required to perform the job excellently

Human characteristics have been classified into knowledge, skills, attitude, and other characteristics. Knowledge is the information people need to perform the job. Skills are the proficiencies needed to perform each task. The staff will collect knowledge of education, training, and work experience that meet the requirement of the job function. Also, the interest and personality of the employee should be compatible with job responsibility

Job context refers to the information on the conditions under which the work is performed and the demands on the jobs impose on the worker. Job context includes the work setting, work attire, job hazards, environmental conditions of the work, the working condition, work schedule ,co-workers and supervisors.

The main purposes of conducting a job context information and human characteristics information are to use this particular information to create a right fit between job and employee, to assess the performance of an employee, to determine the worth of a particular task, and to analyze training and development needs of an employee delivering that specific job. human resources personnel can clarify the role’s needs, as well as define employer expectations. Job context and human characteristics information is a recording of all the activities involved in a job and the skill and knowledge requirements of the performer of the job. Job analysis provides the necessary inputs for many HR activities like recruitment, selection, job design, estimating job worth, and training.


2. Two of the six types of information needed to create a well-drafted job analysis include human requirements and work activities.

Including human requirement information in the job analysis will provide definitive parameters of expected knowledge, skills, education, experience and training required of the individual in the position. This will help narrow the field of applicants to qualified individuals. For the Human Resource Training and Development Specialist, only those with:

    • a bachelor’s degree preferably in Human Resource Management or Business Administration (shrm.com)
    • experience or knowledge of various job roles and the staffing requirements of companies in the electronics industry
    • experience in multiple facets of business

Applicants will be informed of these requirements, so theoretically only those with the listed qualifications would apply. For example, if a potential applicant does not have a bachelor’s degree they would not be qualified, so they would not apply. It will save time in screening candidates, as only those with these qualifications should be considered for the position.

Including information on work activities sets definitive parameters on what is expected of the individual who holds the position. For the Human Resource Training and Development Specialist, this person will be expected to assess training requirements and provide various types of quality training for job roles throughout the company. This will ensure the staff remains knowledgeable and skilled on current trends and best practices so they will be able to effectively perform their jobs. Effective staff ensures the company will remain competitive in a global marketplace.

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