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What is NoSQL?
NoSQL (Not Only SQL) is database design approach that incorporates a range of models, for example, document, graph and key-value. NoSQL databases do not use SQL as database querying language. NoSQL is an alternative to traditional relational databases, where data is placed in tables and data schema is carefully designed before the databaseis built, this is different from NoSQL as NoSQL is designed for speed and for projects where coding/developing can be implemented immediately rather than the careful design of a database.(Rouse, Vaughan, & Beal, 2017)
NoSQL has no fixed schemas or joins, which are typical of SQLoperated databases. It is also important to note that NoSQL is not a replacement for RDMS, but it complements the …show more content…
This means that you can store a lot more data and process it at a lower cost with a lower latency.(Richards, 2016)
Disadvantages of NoSQL
• Less Mature – RDBMS’ have been around for many years compared to NoSQL databases, while most NoSQL database alternatives have only recently made it out of post-production. This could mean that some features have not been implemented yet.
• Less support – Most SQL databases have 24-hour support as SQL databases often have vendors which sell the software. Most NoSQL databases are open source, so very few firms can provide support
• Administration – While NoSQL databases were created with little database administration in mind. The installation and maintenance of NoSQL databases require a lot of technical …show more content…
NoSQL databases are classified by the data model. Some of the examples are listed below.
MongoDB is a NoSQL document database that is scalable and flexible but allows querying and indexing. MongoDB is free and open-source, so it can be changed to suit any needs. (MongoDB, 2017b)
MongoDB stores data in documents like JSON, this allows for fields to vary between documents and also allows the data structure to be changed over time. It also allows Ad-Hoc queries and indexing to allow users to analyze data easily.
Apache Cassandra
Cassandra is a NoSQL column database which provides linear scalability and proven fault tolerance, this is done as Cassandra automatically replicated to multiple nodes, it also replaces failed nodes with no downtime. Cassandra is also decentralised, which means there are no points of failure or no network bottlenecks. (Cassandra, 2017)
Redis is one of the most popular and widely-used key-value store implementations. Redis holds its key value-pairings in memory, making quick access. If data durability can be sacrificed, this means that memory-only boasts very fast performance. (Mayo, 2016)
This is a free and open source implementation of Google’s BigTable. Some of HBase’s features

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