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You are to respond to the assigned research publication. You should research
assigned article  and clarify, what you feel is the meaning behind that article,
giving consideration to the various theories under the umbrella of the Public
HA3051 Accounting Theory   
TRIMESTER 3, 2015  
Interest Theory  and what of the role of regulators (politicians)? What are the
motivations of politicians as regulators?  
You should then respond to the article by arguing a position. Do you agree or
disagree, explaining why. You should give consideration to events in recent
years that may have had an influence.   
Websites that may assist:
• AASB (website of Australian Accounting Standards Board)
• IASB (website of International Accounting Standards Board)
• FASB (website of US-based Financial Accounting Standards Board
• ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia)
• CPAA (Certified Practising Accountants Australia)  
It is also recommended that you utilise Proquest and Google Scholar as well
as Financial review, the Age and BRW (Business Review Weekly)  
Marks will be given on the soundness of your argument, research conducted,
quality of report (presentation, referencing) and the understanding of the
issues. Each report will be assessed as a group so ensure that, as a group
you are satisfied with the contribution of each member. 

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