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hi ,

please find the attached detail format.

per Notes (delete these notes when you submit the paper)

· Use this paper template; do not change it. 

· Put all students’ names on the title page. 

· Use full sentences (except for the main table).

· Use 12 pt, Calibri font; double space

· At least 8 references must be used

· Use APA format for in-text references and the reference list.

· You are not allowed to copy any sentences from a source. No full quotes are allowed. Any plagiarism in a group's paper will result in the whole group receive a failure (F) for the assignment.


Title Page (1 page)

Title: Create a Title for your Paper

Authors: List Authors’ Full Names

Section 1. Attack Summary (2 page, double spaced)

· Introduce the cyber incident

· State what your group knew about this attack before starting the paper (even if it’s nothing that’s fine)

· Describe how the attack works.

· Describe what types of systems and or software are affected

· Describe the overall impact of the attack (could be information like number of countries impacted, number of companies impacted, number of people impacted)

· Describe how it impacts organizations, companies or people (for example, may it causes a denial of service and companies can’t use certain systems, maybe it causes all Windows programs to shutdown etc.) 

· Describe other interesting things you have found about this incident.

· Use 8 references

Section 2. Visual Representation (1 pages, double spaced)

· Provide a high level visual either about how the attack works or that shows the impact of the attack (if can be a graph, a map or some other visual). Remember to cite the source. 

· Describe the visual in at least 3 sentences.

Section 3. Table (1 pages, double spaced)

· Create a table consisting of ten pieces of the most interesting information you found out about the cyber incident. You pick the fields that go into the table; you can use things from section 1 as a guide. 

Section 4. Group Reflection (1 page, double spaced)


· Answer this question: how has your view about cyber security overall changed because of what you learned from your topic? Do not explain concepts to me.  Examples could be: your group is more scared than it was before, or maybe your group is now more aware that cyber attacks can spread more quickly or maybe your group feels that no one is truly safe from cyber attacks…

Section 5. References (1 page)

· List references in APA format.

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